The single most durable, completely closed return system

With its propriety Moltainer®, Mol Coatings offers you the most durable and cost effective alternative for potted paint. As the Moltainer® is a completely closed container with built-in stirring system, the content will always be in top condition and directly standby to do the job.

When the container is empty, you simply disconnect it and smoothly and easily connect a new Moltainer® to your spray paint installation. The empty, automatically closed container will be sent back and we will fill it up for you again. The big gain: you only pay for what you actually used.

The Moltainers are apt for both solvent-based and water-based systems. We will connect the Moltainer system directly to your 2 or 3 K installation. Apt for airless, airmix, bell, disc and electrostatic spray paint installations.

The benefits

  • Time saving: no need to open any pots or to stir
  • Money saving: you only pay for what you use and hardly any residue paint will remain in the completely closed Moltainer®
  • You are not stuck with (half) empty pots you will have to dispose of as chemical waste
  • The Moltainer is UN/ADR certified
  • Once in every 5 year, each Moltainer® will be thoroughly cleaned inside out
  • We will calibrate the stirring system to the specific lacquer, primer or coating you use


The stainless Moltainers® are available in 250, 500 and 1,000 litres. Reduce your organization’s footprint and contact us. We gladly tell you all about the benefits of our Moltainer® System for your company.