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Wondering how much you can save?

In order to show you the difference, we would like to visit you for a Quick Scan: we will take stock of your current application method, the specific drying time and the best fit for your production process. We will then send you a report with an estimate of the savings you will be able to make with our Mol Coatings Systems on materials, labour costs, processing time, energy consumption and waste. Adding to the benefits is the fact that our coatings contain fewer solvents, considerably reducing your organization’s footprint!

With our Thin Layers Technology, you will be able to wet-in-wet apply the complete system in one single day: up to corrosion Class C5 High I+M. You can read all about it in our savings proposal.

Please leave your data to request the Quick Scan free of charge and we will contact you to make an appointment. Subsequently – if interested – we can visit you for a free demo.